drink less, drink better

bottlekegcan aims to be the home of craft beer in Sutherland Shire. We also stock organic wines and boutique spirits including gin, whisky and rum.

Recognising a major trend of ‘thoughtfulness’ and ‘quality over quantity’ in today’s drinking landscape, bottlekegcan hopes to highlight top shelf products made with care and love by people looking to veer away from the mainstream. This includes low-to-no alcohol options for those who wish to choose differently but not be left out when it comes time to partake with friends and loved ones. there is also a huge opportunity to serve those in the community looking for healthier offerings made with little to no intervention or preservatives. 

The idea of bottlekegcan was conceived by two Sutherland Shire brothers tired of travelling to the inner west or the city in order to find bottle shops stocking a good selection of craft beer, craft ciders, natural and organic wines and small batch spirits, the kinds of options typically not available at the major liquor retailers. One brother has decided to open this shop, while the other has decided to become his best customer. 

bottlekegcan is home to regular Friday tasting events with the intention of introducing customers to new and exciting styles and products in the belief that learning the stories behind their craftsmanship enhances the enjoyment.

We hope you agree and come by