if you’re heading home from the station, on your way out to a restaurant or just looking to make an educated choice to match tonight’s dinner with a bottle of wine, bottlekegcan hosts tastings from Friday evening through Saturday and Sunday where we have a selection of wines and beers available to try and buy

the tasting room

at bottlekegcan we believe that the most effective (and the most fun) way to learn about new styles and flavours is to get a bunch of examples together and compare them. This is why we run regular tasting events for small groups of participants (up to 8) to experience hand-selected products together with paired snacksĀ 

tasting room Sunday arvo

every Sunday arvo the tasting room will come alive as we enjoy a relaxed session where we’ll choose from a selection of beers, wines, spirits (and maybe something a little more exotic) paired with some nibbles

special tasting events

sometimes we like to focus on a certain style or producer. maybe a selection of Belgian beers, some organic wines or ‘limited edition’ hazies.  it’s bound to be fun and we might even learn something as we taste

private tasting (room hire)

have a small group interested in a crafty little tasting session? special occasion?you can hire the tasting room and either pick out some items to taste or i can curate the lineup. catering can also be arranged